Small Group - Blu-ray 3-Pack

Small Group - Blu-ray 3-Pack

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Documentary filmmaker R. Scott Cooper moves his family to Georgia after being hired to make a film about the dwindling influence of Christianity. Scott intends to make an honest film, but his producer Ballard has other plans. To “pull back the curtain,” Scott and his wife infiltrate a small group at a local church.

As their relationship with the group grows, Ballard’s intentions become more clear, putting Scott and Mary in an awkward position. How will the group respond?

Includes English Subtitles. Runtime 121min. Bonus Features: Why We Made Small Group, Movie References, Shooting In Guatamala, Behind The Scenes.

"Small Group gives Christians the chance to be human. It provides a breath of relief and the raw reward of grace all in one story, and because of the redemption, forgiveness, and friendship, Small Group is Dove-approved for Ages 12+." -

"One of the most complex Christian films I've ever seen, Small Group balances hilariously true insights into Christian subculture with an intense reflection on the human condition... If you've ever been in a small group, you'll see yourself and your friends, the good, the bad, and the funny." - Rev. Jacob Sahms,

"1. It's convicting. 2. It's hilarious. 3. It Shows the Power of Community." -

"A quirky film that manages to touch on several important topics from a Christian perspective without coming across as heavy handed; in fact, the way the gospel is presented in this film is a great example of how to do so naturally, not forced." - Bob Waliszewski, Director of Media and Culture, Focus On The Family

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