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"Small Group gives Christians the chance to be human. It provides a breath of relief and the raw reward of grace all in one story, and because of the redemption, forgiveness, and friendship, Small Group is Dove-approved for Ages 12+."

"One of the most complex Christian films I've ever seen, Small Group balances hilariously true insights into Christian subculture with an intense reflection on the human condition... If you've ever been in a small group, you'll see yourself and your friends, the good, the bad, and the funny."
- Rev. Jacob Sahms,

"A quirky film that manages to touch on several important topics from a Christian perspective without coming across as heavy handed; in fact, the way the gospel is presented in this film is a great example of how to do so naturally, not forced."
- Bob Waliszewski, Director of Media and Culture, Focus On The Family

"1. It's convicting. 2. It's hilarious. 3. It Shows the Power of Community."

"Opposing perceptions are attacked head-on in Small Group, a good-natured faith-based comedy that explores the tentative dance Americans choreograph every day as the faithful and faithless try to find common ground without sacrificing their core beliefs — or lack thereof."
- The Saturday Evening Post

"Small Group reminds us that God offers us grace to heal those wounds, He can also bring us peace and joy even amid pain. And He uses us to extend that life-given grace to others, despite what skeptics and cynics might believe about our faith."
- Focus On The Family's PluggedIn ®

"Small Group gets its point across concerning its primary Christian message but does it with equal balances of drama and humor."



"I had only heard of this movie through word-of-mouth, but I'm sure glad we found it. On one hand, you sort of know where the movie's going. But how it gets there is a wonderful ride, with some really unexpected twists and turns. The movie is honest, without being patronizing."
- J. Foster, Amazon

"Just watched it. (Digital Download in Scotland this evening.) It's really good!! Thought provoking, funny, and a bit of a tear jerker. Certainly makes you have a think about how people perceive you as a Christian. Can't wait to watch this with our small group!"
- J. Dickson, Facebook

"I initially watch this to support friends ... but really, truly enjoyed it! It is not the cheesy, predictable movie I expected. I laughed, and yes, I cried. Moving and sincere; well written and produced. Relevant for those who already believe, and those who question."
- Terri F., Amazon

"My small group watched this movie tonight. We loved it! We kept pointing out characters that we “knew” from our group. It is a heartfelt REAL dive into the heart of Christianity."
- Lisa M., Facebook

"I laughed, I cried. Was skeptical, I hate cheesy but this was so genuine. Well done!"
- A.D.D., Amazon

"Liked this movie! It is funny and serious in delivering perspective relevant to today’s questions about Church. How do we see others? How do we treat them? Life isn’t perfect as a follower of Christ but it is doable with Faith shared in God with others."
- Larry A., Facebook

"Just bought the digital edition and watched it in New Zealand. It was really really good. Excellent actually... I pray it will speak to those who need to hear it...those within the church and those suspicious of the church. May God bless you!"
- Jodi P., Facebook

"This sets the bar for Christian comedy/dramas. There was depth under the humor, and our family enjoyed it. More of this!"
- Queen L., Amazon 

"It’s so great to watch a hilarious movie with such depth. Both caught me off guard at times... the laughs and the sincerity. Loved it!!! I’m planning to watch it over and over."
- Laura B., Amazon

"I absolutely love this film! Funny, tear-jerking, suspenseful, all around great movie. It's very encouraging to see a well produced Christian film that isn't cheesy or "preachy." This is a must see!"
- Tac C., Amazon

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