About The Cast

Sterling Hurst (R. Scott Cooper)
Sterling is a supremely gifted, versatile and hard-working actor. He is hilarious as a comedic actor, super real and relatable as a dramatic actor and his improvisational skills make every scene better than what was on the page. His work ethic is unmatched and his humble, team-player attitude endears him to everyone on set. And I don’t think he was just on his best behavior because he was making a Christian movie, y’all, I think that’s just Sterling. Also he has biceps the size of softballs. So you pretty much have to hate him.

Emily Dunlop (Mary Cooper)
Over a thousand actresses were submitted and hundreds auditioned for the role of Mary, but it was clear that God had chosen Emily Dunlop to bring life to the character just seconds into her first audition. Raised a homeschooled MK (missionaries’ kid), Emily has developed an impressive career in film, television and as a commercial voice actor. She has the unique ability to help you easily suspend disbelief and feel like you’re watching a friend. Emily is married to talented musician Phil Dunlop who provided several original songs for Small Group.

Matt Chastain (Shane Baxter & Writer/Director)
Matt has been blessed with a fruitful career both in front of and behind the camera and mic. As a writer/director, Matt has produced hundreds of TV commercials and promotional videos in his 15 year career in marketing and advertising. He made a name for himself around the world as an on-camera host but it’s his voice that’s most well-recognized, having voiced national radio spots for mega brands like Dunkin Donuts, Subway and the Milwaukee Brewers. Matt feels a bit odd writing his own bio since it was made clear above that he’s the guy actually writing all these. Matt does not enjoy referring to himself in the third person.

Caleb Hoffman (Billy)
Billy is one of everyone’s favorite characters in the movie and it’s mostly due to the life and energy that Caleb brings to him. Within the first hour he was on set, it was clear that this actor from out of nowhere was a star in the making. And “nowhere” isn’t a hyperbolic figure of speech, the dude is from rural Arkansas. But seriously though, Caleb’s heart is pure gold, his talent is undeniable, and his performance in Small Group is unforgettable. Billy's character embodies those unexpected people in our lives that come alongside us when we need it most.

Robert Riechel (Ballard)
Robert trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the South Coast Repertory theater. After graduation, he immediately began working in Los Angeles theater where he received critical acclaim in a number of productions including, Sam Shepard's True West and David Mamet's American Buffalo. Robert went on to produce, write and direct 'The Living Edge' television show for the WB network and direct numerous commercials and television. Robert is a total pro, a brilliant actor, a kind-hearted gentleman and an absolute madman.

Nelson Bonilla (Sam Channell)
The most exhilarating people in the world somehow manage to make you feel two things at once. That’s Nelson Bonilla. He brings this magic to his characters that somehow makes you feel calm yet intense. His characters are super likable and yet super intimidating. And this is just when he plays a hit man on one of the most popular shows on TV. Wait til you see what he does with the more meaty role of Sam, the missionary. Sam has to be tough enough to survive the incredibly violent world of Guatemala City’s Zone 18, yet selfless and compassionate enough to give all of himself to transform that community. It’s a truly special performance that only Nelson Bonilla could have delivered.

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