Christian Cinema and Small Group the Movie

Matt Chastain has been a Georgia guy his whole life. He grew up in Monticello and currently resides in Athens. He had always dreamed about making movies. Today, he is finally fulfilling his dream of becoming an actor, screenwriter, and director in his new film, Small Group. Chastain is a graduate of the University of Georgia where he took on commercial jobs, voiceover projects, and marketing opportunities after graduation. He even turned down the chance to run a tv show in Los Angeles.

The inspiration for the christian movie came after Chastain and his wife joined a small group themselves. He later met with a film producer and was encouraged to write a script. After months of rewrites and filming, he is ready to share the message of the film.

Check out this article, Matt Chastain Wants to Get Everyone in (a) Small Group,  from Christian Cinema on Matt Chastain and Small Group the Movie. We also got this wonderful review from Rev. Jacob Sahms. We are so grateful for his kind words and can't wait for Small Group to hit theaters October 19th!

"One of the most complex Christian films I've ever seen, Small Group balances hilariously true insights into Christian subculture with an intense reflection on the human condition, including suffering and forgiveness.

If you've ever been in a small group, you'll see yourself and your friends, the good, the bad, and the funny, in Matt Chastain's ridiculously beautiful film."

- Rev. Jacob Sahms,


Matt Chastain