Collection: What Are People Saying?

"It is funny and serious in delivering perspective, relevant to today’s questions about Church. How do we see others? How do we treat them? Life isn’t perfect as a follower of Christ, but it is doable with Faith shared in God with others."
- Larry A., Facebook

"We loved it! We kept pointing out characters that we “knew” from our group. It is a heartfelt REAL dive into the heart of Christianity."
- Lisa M., Facebook

"Small Group gives Christians the chance to be human. It provides a breath of relief and the raw reward of grace all in one story, and because of the redemption, forgiveness, and friendship, Small Group is Dove-approved for Ages 12+."

"Thought provoking, funny, and a bit of a tear jerker. Certainly makes you have a think about how people perceive you as a Christian."
- J. Dickson, Facebook

"Moving and sincere; well written and produced. Relevant for those who already believe, and those who question."
- Terri F., Amazon

"Small Group reminds us that God offers us grace to heal those wounds, He can also bring us peace and joy even amid pain. And He uses us to extend that life-given grace to others, despite what skeptics and cynics might believe about our faith."
- Focus On The Family's PluggedIn ®

"It’s so great to watch a hilarious movie with such depth. Both caught me off guard at times... the laughs and the sincerity. Loved it!!!"
- Laura B., Amazon

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